Consultation Services

David Alexis specializes in Arts Administration and Non-Profit Management. Whatever the needs of your agency, David can provide an individualized and comprehensive plan of action.

Services Include but are not limited to:

Organizational Competencies

Strategic Planning
Organizational Structure
Fundraising and Development
Mission and Vision Statement Evaluation
Efficacy Evaluation
Office Synergy

Many Arts-Based Organizations fail to reach their maximum potential because they lack executive staff competent in BOTH Performing Arts and Non-Profit Management. DalexisMusic offers expertise in both base-line programming and executive management.

Performing Arts Management

Curriculum Design
STEM and Department of Education Integration
Research Methodologies

Performing Arts can play a vital role in therapeutic initiatives. David conducted his master’s thesis on music as an avenue of social and cognitive change. You can incorporate artistic activities in any social service or clinical arena.

Social Service

Creative Arts Therapy
Group Dynamics/Rapport Building/Establishing Trust

Miscellaneous Writing Services

Resume Building
Cover Letter Writing
Business Plans
Statement of Need